The Yield Lab Europe’s Investments:
About Us:

We are the leading funder of early stage companies that revolutionise agriculture and food systems seeking to sustainably feed the world.

In addition to providing capital, Yield Lab Europe provides access to the Yield Lab global network of experts, corporates and investors all around the world to enable companies to successfully scale and commercialise internationally.
0Million Euro
We have €55 million funds under management at Yield Lab Europe.
0Portfolio Companies
We are proud to have 29 innovative companies in our portfolio.
0Million Euro
We provide venture capital funding of between €100k – €3m per company in the pre-seed to Series A range.
Where we invest:

The Yield Lab Europe has a mandate to invest in startups from across the European region.

Sectors we invest in:
Genetics, Crop Protection & Animal Welfare

Enhance agriculture productivity and sustainability through genetic improvements, weed management, diseases and pests, etc.

Big Data & Precision Farming

Increase agricultural productivity through precise management and decision-making, based on data gathering and analysis.

Bioenergy, Biomaterials & Other Renewables

Produce sustainable energy and materials from by-products of the food and agriculture value chain.

Innovative Food & Beverages

F&B innovation is the sustainable development and commoditization of new products, processes, and services.

Novel Farming Systems

Novel farming systems are new methods of farming living ingredients, many of which are traditionally grown outdoors.

We Support Sustainable
Development Goals!

“Yield Lab has supported SOLASTA Bio’s promise as Lead investors from the beginning. Yield Lab has made all the difference to our journey, providing continuous support and sector expertise as well as key connections, critical to SOLASTA’s successful development from startup to high growth.”

Shireen Davies, CEO, SOLASTA Bio

“It takes the right sort of investor to support and grow businesses doing tech, and particularly hardware, in Agriculture. The Yield Lab has the experience and expertise for this and we’re really pleased to be working with them.”

Robert Fryers, CEO, Spotta Smart Pest Monitoring
“The Yield Lab is one of our earliest investors, believing in us since day one, they have since led our latest round. Their investment isn’t just funding, their input has varied widely from mentorship to providing direct contacts for manufacturing and advisors.”
Daniel Izquierdo Hijazi, CEO, Micron Agritech
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