• INSYLO allows farmers to accurately and consistently monitor the level of the silos from their smartphone and receive alerts when their stocks are low. 
It also allows feed suppliers to optimise deliveries through the sharing of information with customers about the stock levels and process the restocking orders automatically.
  • Kaffe Bueno utilises coffee by-products – such as spent coffee grounds – as a platform to produce ingredients for Personal Care, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods & Beverages.
  • Micron Agritech has developed a prototype device that will enable farmers to significantly reduce the amount of antimicrobial medication given to animals, which is directly linked to the cause of death in millions of humans worldwide.
  • N2 Applied enables farmers to produce their own high-quality fertiliser using slurry, air and electricity – increasing yield and reducing emissions at the same time.
  • Pure Ocean Algae has the ultimate “Green“ credentials, based on a raw material that is 100% environmentally sustainable and ultimately Carbon negative, producing products that are at a premium in the pharmaceutical and Food / Vegetable protein sectors.
  • RootWave uses electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards without the need for any harmful chemical herbicides. Electricity treats deep into the roots making RootWave ideal for treating any weed, including tough invasive species.
  • The connected ag-weather station available to all. Sencrop connects rain and wind speed gauges for a more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture.
  • Skytree manufactures decentralized Direct Air Capture (DAC) equipment that captures CO2 out of ambient air for supply to indoor-grown crops in horticulture to improve plant growth.
  • Solasta Bio is dedicated to discovery of new, more selective, “greener” insect control agents that are valuable for modern pest management approaches. Solasta’s approach is based on development of short peptides that disrupt function in pest species, while leaving beneficial insects and vertebrates untouched.
  • Insect pests cause over £320bn in damage each year, affecting industries as diverse as hospitality, farming and forestry. To treat infestations, the world uses 4 million tonnes of pesticide annually: by detecting pests early, you can minimise damage and, importantly, reduce pesticide use through improved targeting of treatment and intervening at an earlier point in pests’ exponential population growth.

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